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Address: Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment - Department of Environment

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The Department of Environment (DoE) is placed at the Permanent Secretary's Office and, among others, is the Competent Authority for the implementation of the IPPC, EIA and SEA and Habitats Directives. It is the coordinating Department for Government programmes for the protection of the environment, heads the technical committee on environmental impact assessments, advises on environmental policy, is mandated to ensure the implementation of the environmental policy, administers the Law on the Control of Water Pollution, co-ordinates the process for the adoption of the European Union's environmental policy and legislation, co-ordinates the co-operation of Government agencies with international agencies and promotes environmental awareness, training and information. The Department is also the National Focal Point for the Commission of Sustainable Development, INFOTERPA, UNEP, the Basel Convention, CITES, the Montreal Protocol, the Biological Diversity Convention, the Climate Change Convention, etc.

The DoE employs more than 40 professionals in a wide variety of science and engineering fields including environmental management, natural sciences, hydrology, pollution control, geology, marine ecology, chemical engineering and environmental engineering.



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Address: 2 J.Grypary Str., 1st Floor Trust House, Nicosia Cyprus 1090

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ATLANTIS Consulting Cyprus ltd is a private company specializing in environmental management and impact assessment. ATLANTIS has a successful record been involved in numerous large projects for the Government and private organizations. ATLANTIS has been involved in several strategic projects for the Cyprus government as well as EU funded projects. Among others, Atlantis has participated in the Government funded project "Establishment of Sustainable Management Policy for the development of the mineral wealth of Cyprus' where ATLANTIS was responsible for establishing an environmental policy, an EIA study for the management of the Larnaca Storm water management system for the protection of the Larnaca Salt Lakes, the feasibility study for the enrichment of the Liopetri aquifer with treated wastewater and several EIAs for desalination units, golf courses and industrial plants. Also the company participated in several LIFE funded projects: Project CYNOISE for the implementation of the Noise Directive in Cyprus, Project URBANGUARD for the development of a decision support system for urban sustainability indicators, and Project COMANACY for the protection of 5 Natura 2000 Sites. Also the company participated in research locally funded from the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation and Eureka, and locally funded research.

The company participated also in the INCO-MPC funded project OPTIMA. The overall aim of OPTIMA was to develop, implement, test, critically evaluate, and exploit an innovative, scientifically rigorous yet practical approach to water resources management intended to increase efficiencies and to reconcile conflicting demands. Based on the European Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) the approach equally considers economic efficiency, environmental compatibility, and social equity as the pillars of sustainable development.
At present the company is undertaking a Marie Curie grant under which the BASINS System (which will be implemented within the present proposal) is tested and modified for applications in Cyprus.

Atlantis employs 12 people in the fields of biology, soil science, environmental science, agronomy, engineering and economics.





Address: 7, Y. Frederickou St., Palouriotisa, Nicosia 1036 Cyprus

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Frederick University (FU) is one of the six recognised Universities operating in the Republic of Cyprus. It is an energetic and vibrant private university, enjoying respect and recognition both nationally and internationally. FU offers a broad range of academic programmes of study. The University assigns great emphasis to academic research and promotes the advancement of research and creative output of its faculty members. A key principle of the University is to enhance its standing as a great research institution by creating a vibrant centre of research of international standards. The University's academic staff is involved in a wide range of research activities in various disciplines, such as engineering, earth sciences, information technology, social sciences and education. The research initiatives and activities that are being carried out by its faculty place the University among the most successful organisations in Cyprus with respect to the level of financial support received for research projects from local and European Union sources. Frederick University is equipped with contemporary research facilities, which are vital for the successful implementation of research projects and for the education of its students. The members of FU academic staff are highly qualified and have to demonstrate a rich publication record. They have been actively involved in many research activities with various roles; both as researchers and coordinators.