Through this Action all required hardware, software and licenses will be acquired and installed at the premises of the Department of Environment. At the same time, the necessary training of ES personnel and other stakeholders will be undertaken by the personnel of ATLANTIS. Lastly, basic data and maps will be collected, processed and introduced to the models both in order to ensure the functionality of the modeling system and to provide the opportunity for hands on training.

The main Task of this ACTION will be to install and implement the BASINS4 modeling system at the ES. BASINS is an integrated GIS, data analysis and open-source modelling system that is designed to support watershed based analysis and TMDL development.

In brief the following Tasks will be undertaken.

  • Acquisition / Purchase of the required hardware and software licenses. For the purposes of the application, a workstation will be purchased and connected to the Department of Environment network. Further, as described above, the modeling system tools operate within the ArcGIS 9.x environment thus ArcGIS 9.x software and licences will need to be available.
  • Installation of the BASINS4 System Tools
  • Initiation of training in the BASINS4 tools and functions
  • Initial implementation of the system. This Task will involve the collection, processing and incorporation of basic data and maps in the modeling tools.