This ACTION aims to produce a communication plan which will be implemented after the completion of the project.

The Communication Plan Goals will include the following:

  • Promotion of the results of the project to Relevant Government Bodies, Local Authorities and other stakeholders in order to ensure the implementation of the Water Quality Management measures the will be proposed through the project.
  • Promotion of the Modelling tools for use by all relevant Departments
  • Promotion of the TMDL methodology as a standard tool for supporting the preparation of Water Quality Management Policies
  • Widespread dissemination of the TMDL methodology and the project Tools and results to EU organisations and to competent authorities of EU countries.

Methods Employed

This ACTION will include the following:

  • Collection of written material prepared during the project and preparation of a Project Communication Folder. The Folder
  • Preparation of supplementary explanatory material or documentation.
  • Updating the WEB site.
  • Compilation of a catalogue of suitable recipients within Cyprus and at EU level. The ES, as the Competent Environmental Authority has both the capacities and connections for identifying all suitable recipients.
  • Preparation of the Communication Plan. The plan will detail the material that will be sent to the various recipients, contact details for recipients and schedule for communication activities. It will also assign responsibilities for the implementation of each activity.