Action 2 will be undertaken by ATLANTIS in close collaboration with the ES. The Action will begin in month 8 of the project and will be completed in month 17.

  • Identification of Non point Sources NPS). Sources will be distributed by pollutant type (nutrients, pesticides, BOD, pathogens, Total Suspended Solids (TSS))
  • Estimation of time variable release rates from NPS's. This task will determine release rates by source type for each pollutant. Such data in Cyprus are largely unavailable at present and this task will be based on the use of emission factors. Release rate factors will be based on bibliography which will be used to determine pollutant concentrations in water runoff. Bibliographical values will need to be evaluated during the project to ensure selection of the most relevant results. Evaluation will concern weather conditions, source characteristics and watershed characteristics. These include as a minimum the following:

- Water uses / abstraction rates
- Soil characteristics. These pertain mostly to water holding, water infiltration and roughness characteristics
- Land uses
- Hydrology/ Stream network and stream flows
- Water quality in streams
- Water quality in receiving water bodies (streams and lakes)

  • Linkage of water quality at receiving waters to sources.Total loads and associated receiving waters concentrations will be calculated by applying the HSPF model available through the BASINS System. In particular, the model calculates runoff based on time varying rainfall data and subsequently applies pollutant transport and fate modules in order to calculate end concentrations at the receiving bodies. AQUATOX, also available through the System, will be used for the calculation of pollutant concentrations at receiving water bodies.