This Action will be undertaken by the Department of Environment in collaboration with ATLANTIS Consulting.

This Action will produce a liquid pollutants emissions register in line with the PRTR Directive.

A Pollutant Emission Register is considered to be an effective tool for monitoring the releases from these IPPC. The establishment of a national Pollutant Emission Register (for Cyprus), according to the experience of countries with existing registers, will provide or produce the following benefits and added value/ knowledge (EC 2000a,b): 1) it is an integrated database with information suitable for environmental management both by government in developing environmental policy and by industry in improving eco-efficiency, 2) it is a public instrument for government to monitor the progress of environmental policies or goals in national policy plans, 3) it is a tool to enhance public awareness of environmental pollution, 4) it enables individual facilities to compare their environmental performance to that of other facilities 5) it offers the possibility to harmonize reporting requirements by Member States 6) it provides additional information to prioritize enforcement of permit compliance, 7) it will enable the Department of Environment of Cyprus to evaluate the progress of achievements in meeting environmental targets in national or international agreements.

The Action will include:

  1. Collection and systematic collation of data and records pertaining to liquid pollutant discharges.
  2. Preparation of tabular data templates and submission of coordinates for all point sources of emissions, pollutant (type) loads, discharges;
  3. Physical site inspections, field-based descriptions, and observation of the facility/site drainage systems to determine the connectivity and directions of flow of drainage assets;
  4. Determination of pollution patterns.