Project Results


BASINS Modeling system software and hardware

Data preparation and assimilation protocols

Digital elevation model for the Kalo Horio catchment and Digital land use map compatible with BASINS formats and specifications

Stream flow network for the Kalo Horio catchment

Basic data input files for the Kalo Horio catchment

Model results of the Existing Case Scenario
Monitoring results: 2 campaigns at 4 locations for 5 pollutants
Emission rates

Ecological monitoring data

Status of the ecosystem report

List of ecology- driven water quality indicators and criteria values

List of water quality indicators and criteria values driven by regulatory requirements
Geo-spatial and tabular data templates
Emissions data / register
Emission factor time series
Future Meteorological / hydrological scenarios
Model results for the selected scenarios
TMDLs for 5 pollutants

Stakeholder Consultation documentation (presentations, written communication, responses, meeting minutes).

Optimisation Model

Alternative management scenarios (Four scenarios are foreseen)

BMPs and management measures (Ten to fifteen proposals are expected)

Primer on Water Quality Management for Kalo Horio (~100 pages foreseen)


A project information leaflet will be prepared at the beginning of the project.

Information leaflet --> GR, Information leaflet --> EN

Notice Boards

Awareness and educational pamphlet
2 scientific papers, CEST_2011Riella_HelicphyllaEcology_Conference

layman’s report will be prepared at the end of the project (English VersionGreek Version)

Project schedule

Project minutes
Three-monthly monitoring reports

After-LIFE communication Plan