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Revital® System

Pure, Good
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Unique Features
3 different home solutions

Revital® offers you the best devices
to purify and revitalize water naturally and remove limescale in your house.

Revital® was created to improve the water you drink and that feeds you, it is simple, technological, the most reliable and guaranteed system for natural water purification.

Revital® improves the condition of water, restoring those characteristics and source properties (as certified by workshops and specialized bodies), without altering the quantity and quality of the mineral salts dissolved in it, precious nutrients for your body.



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Revital WATER
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Waters with life energy

and their quality

How to determine the quality of water?

The predominant criterion is undoubtedly the fact of having or not basic vital energy. Every living being, as well as every object, has its own vibrational energy measurable in U.B (Bovis Units).

The mountain water that flows freely in vortexes among the rocks has a vibrational energy of about 8,000 U.B and is biologically rich and active; this value drops to 1,300 UB in water bottled for more than 7/10 days.

In summary, the water that nourishes has its own 'strength' right from the source, a particular structure and vibration which, following transport and environmental factors, are lost, hence the need to re-vitalize it or give it back the lost, optimal structure and energy for the organism.

What does water revitalization mean?

and how to make it from your tap

Water that has undergone dozens of violent shocks (agitated vigorously) is called revitalized or dynamized, as a result of which the molecules previously compressed (in the aqueduct for example) no longer being aggregated with each other are free to receive energy and release it in the form of heat exchange (a proof of this is for example that the water from Revital® boils sooner).

Naturally purified water is water that undergoes a physical treatment capable of restoring its optimal properties (which it possesses at the source) for your body.

How can you achieve both?

Revital® allows you to naturally purify and revitalize the water you drink or wash with

Features and benefits of
Revital® WATER

The 3 operating principles of Revital®

Revital® restores those natural characteristics that ensure your body better hydration and purification, with an antioxidant action, through 3 principles:

  1. the implosion principle
  2. the effects that magnetism has on the water and on the minerals dissolved in it
  3. the benefits that silver ions have on water and on our body.

Benefits of magnetized water

Magnetized water is water that has been subjected to a magnetic field, identical to that of the earth.
Magnetized water has important and recognized properties and benefits.
It is diuretic, does not generate crystals harmful to the body, purifies, with benefits especially on the digestive system, strengthens the nervous and respiratory systems, makes the immune system more active. A typical external treatment concerns for example wounds or irritated eyes.

Main features of Revital® Water:

  • ZERO installation and maintenance costs
  • ZERO artificial filters
  • Restores vital energy to water
  • Fight bacteria with silver
  • Retains any heavy metals
  • Maintains mineral salts making them assimilable
  • Restores lightness and better flavor to water
  • No annual maintenance costs

Some physical benefits of Revital® Water

  • Purifies the cells of the body
  • Slows down aging
  • Facilitates and improves intestinal functions
  • Improves skin appearance (face, legs)
  • Promotes the elimination of water retention
  • Strengthens the immune system and increases the body's energy

Effects of Revital® on

limestone, chlorine and heavy metals

on Limestone

The limestone, or calcite (calcium carbonate), present in your tap water is not harmful, on the contrary it is a protective factor confirmed by epidemiological studies, however it is not very assimilable due to an aggregate mineral structure.

Thanks to the Biomineral® component, Revital® acts on this structure and transforms calcite into aragonite, a much thinner and therefore highly assimilable mineral form.

on Chlorine

The chlorine used in the aqueduct waters acts as a disinfectant; it is in gaseous form.
Thanks to the swirling and oxygenation process carried out by VortexSilver® in Revital® , the chlorine tends to evaporate, improving the taste of the water.

Together with the solid silver component, it helps to provide you with good, debacterised water.

on Heavy metals

Although the mains water is drinkable and super controlled, any heavy metals are absorbed by the Zeopura® component present in the final part of Revital®.
Furthermore, the VortexSilver® component, being made entirely of silver, also acts as a powerful antibacterial.
The mineral salts that remain unchanged become more available and assimilable for the total benefit of our body.

How Revital® WATER works

the 3 innovative technologies

Revital WATER


Revital® respects the regulations of the Ministry of Health.
It is covered on an Industrial European Title at the Euipo Authority.

1. BioMineral®

A system that acts on the minerals in the water making it more assimilable, therefore light and digestible.

2. VortexSilver®

It is a silver helical snail. Vortex has the function of simulating the movement of water in nature to restore a high level of oxygen. Silver fights bacteria by the release of silver ions which occurs in direct contact with water.

3. ZeoPura®

It consists of Zeolite, a mineral that favors the absorption of heavy metals, leaving the mineral salts useful to our body unchanged.


A good and excellent quality water, highly assimilable and rich in oxygen with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action for our body.

How to maintain (for free) Revital® WATER

you do it yourself every 30/60 days like this:

1. Regenerate the Zeolite capsule by extracting it after having unscrewed the end part and by immersing it in a glass of water and two teaspoons of coarse salt. Leave overnight to release trapped heavy metals. Then reinsert the capsule in the final part and let the water flow for a few minutes.

2. At the same time unscrew Revital® WATER to add white vinegar until full. Screw it back on and let it act all night. At the end of the operation, let the water flow for a few minutes.

3. For the external cleaning of the spiral tube, use only products for silver. For cylindrical bodies use a damp cloth. DO NOT USE ABRASIVE PRODUCTS.

Beneficial properties
of the VortexSilver®
in Revital® system

The VortexSilver® system of Revital® has exceptional properties that allows you to enhances your drinking water.

The system is made of two important functions:

  1. The spiral swirling

    This System generate a whirlpool effect which improve the primary element of life: oxygen and energy.
  2. Sterling silver

    The entire System is made of Sterling Silver, known for being a powerful natural bactericidal capable of creating a healthy environment where used.

(how to install Revital® WATER)


Revital® WATER also for the body

Revital® SKINCARE can be easily screwed onto the shower hose, it energetically reactivates the water, normalizing the skin's pH with important benefits. Many people, after a shower with Revitalized water, have reported feeling more vital and energetic throughout the day.

How Revital® SKINCARE works

Revital® SKINCARE acts on the shower water using 2 technologies:

  1. Biomineral:

    acts on the 'hardness' of the water thanks to magnetized minerals
  2. Microsilver:

    eliminates heavy metals through silver and zeolite, to the full benefit of skin and hair

Some benefits of Revital® SKINCARE:

  • High hydration of the skin
  • Slows down skin aging and fights blemishes
  • Purifies the cells
  • Cleanses and tones the skin, making it softer and shinier
  • Renew body energy and strengthen the physique
  • Helps heal wounds
  • Beneficial effects on skin problems (cellulite, acne, dermatitis,..)
  • Strengthens the scalp by invigorating the hair

Revital® BLOCK

Remove limescale from your home forever
Ideal for 1 House

Revital® BLOCK can be easily mounted near the meter, its operation is based on the forced passage of water through inversely opposed polarized biominerals which, by modifying the molecular structure of the various minerals present in the water, prevents aggregation and the formation of incrustations.

The advantages at home:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Does not use electricity
  • It has no maintenance costs
  • Promotes the gradual dissolving of already existing incrustations
  • Saving of about 30% on hot water for domestic use
  • Protects household appliances from limescale deposits


the most common requests on Revital® Water

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Laboratory test
on Revital®

and results

Revital® was born from extensive research in the field of drinking water and has been subjected to various quality tests and certifications, among which we highlight 2 in particular:

Test No. 1 - on the physical structure of water

Test performed in the laboratories of Masaru Emoto demonstrates how Revital® improves the physical component of water (mineral salts) making it ALIVE, light and highly assimilable, similar to high mountain spring water.

Test No. 2 - on food spoilage

A test carried out in one of the best German laboratories specialized in food analysis shows that an apple sample immersed in naturally purified and revitalized Revital® water maintains its cellular state unaltered for longer than a sample of the same apple which, immersed in destructured and dead water degrades faster (immersion time before the test: 30 minutes).

In consideration of these findings, it can be established that:
"the use and daily intake of Revital® Water can help increase general well-being."

About Company

SAMAS S.a.s has been producing the Revital® domestic water purifier since 2003, with headquarters in Cappella Maggiore - Treviso (ITALIA). SAMAS began its activity in 1985 founded by the spouses Claudio Galli and Carolina Tavian. After 10 years of experience SAMAS decides to create its own line of products by listening to the needs and advice of its customers.

Thus was born the
Revital® health project

(SAMAS S.a.s headquarters)

(SAMAS S.a.s certifications)

Certifications of Conformity,
Industrial Property and warranty

of Revital® System

Revital® is produced by SAMAS, an Italian company since 1985, due to its quality and reliability it is in line with the regulations of the Ministry of Health and the Company has been recognized by a strict and authoritative Quality Body, KIWA CERMET, as a Certified Company ISO 9001:2015.

Revital® is covered by Industrial Property Law at European level, it guarantees full originality and compliance from deceptive imitations.


SAMAS guarantees Revital®:

  • 2 years for manufacturing defects
  • Unlimited on operation (provided it is not tampered with)
  • Compliant with the D.M. 25/2012, Ministerial Decree 174/2004 and Legislative Decree 31/2001

(Revital® line certifications)

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